Engine Type

Inline 3-Cylinder E-TEC G2 D.IV6 74° E-TEC D.I.

Bore x Stroke – in (mm)

3.85 x 3.25 (98 x 82.6)

Displacement – cu in (cc) L

114 (1.9)

Gear Ratio (shaft length)


Full Throttle RPM Range

5000-6000 RPM

Weight – lbs (kg)

397 (180) | 408 (185) | 422 (191) | 433 (196)





Fuel Induction

E-TEC Direct Injection with stratified low RPM combustion mode

Alternator Output

Net Amps 14 idle / 22 wot


iSteer DPS | Remote | Power Tiller | IHS / Tiebar

Trim Method

Power Trim & Tilt


In Stock


Marina Engines


  • Engine and Engine Accessories
  • 2020
  • Outboard 2 Stroke
  • Evinrude
  • E-Tec 150 HO G2
  • 150
  • Gas

, its designers did way more than just tweak it.

When Evinrude’s E-TEC G2 150 HP direct-injected two-stroke debuted in 2016, it was an outlier in the marine industry. All other 150s were based on inline four-cylinder platforms; Evinrude’s was a V-6 with a large 2.7L block it shared with the 175 and 200 hp models. On the plus side, it had plenty of snap; six pistons, however, made it one of the heaviest at 496 pounds. But instead of going along with the I-4 crowd, Evinrude transformed its 150 into a three-cylinder motor with a 1.9L block.

The three-cylinder G2 definitely isn’t as punchy as the V6 150, but given the fuel economy and drastic noise reduction, I think it’s more than a fair trade. Incidentally, at 1,000 rpm the Yamaha is getting 6.1 mpg to the Evinride’s 12.5 mpg. Fishermen take note of how that might impact a weekend of trolling.

Given the likelihood of tightening emissions standards, higher fuel prices or both, it seems like a canny move to focus on fuel economy for the mainstream runabout engines. Evinrude says that the new three-cylinder is so thrifty and clean that it probably wouldn’t need a catalytic converter when everyone else would.

Evinrude still offers the 150 horsepower G1, so if my engine blows up I could just swap on a new one that’s a direct replacement. But the new G2 150 would be an intriguing option. Half the cylinders, even less maintenance, better fuel economy. Now all they need is a high-output version.