SUZUKI DF4050 ECSTAR 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit


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SUZUKI Oil Change Kit

DF40/50 ECSTAR 4-stroke Outboard oil change kit

ECSTAR V7000 Semi-Synthetic 10W40 Marine Engine Oil is a proprietary blend of premium mineral oils and synthetic lubricants, with an additive profile designed to stand up to harsh conditions on-the-water. – Advanced detergents keep internal engine parts clean – Higher quality base oils improve fuel economy and help engines start easily in cold weather – Special additives to help protect engines in both salt and fresh water environments – FC-W Certification by the NMMA

Kit includes: (3) ECSTAR V7000 Semi-Synthetic 10W40 Quarts. 1 OEM Suzuki Oil Filter 16510-87J00. 1 OEM Oil Drain Plug Gasket