Yamaha 425hp

Yamaha 425hp

  • Engine Type:    4-Stroke, 32 Valve DOHC Direct V8
  • Bore x Stroke (mm):    96 x 96
  • Displacement (cc):      5559.0
  • Recommended Maximum RPM:     5000-6000
  • Fuel Management:                EFI
  • Ignition:        TCI
  • Lubrication System:   Wet-sump
  • Alternator Output:      90 Amp high Output Alternator
  • Gear Ratio:    1.79 (25/14)
  • Operation Method:    Steer By Wire
  • Trim and Tilt Method:     Power Trim & Tilt


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Yamaha 425hp xto.

Yamaha’s 425-hp XTO ushers in a new era of power for outboards.

More than a dozen years ago, when two-stroke 150-hp and 250-hp outboards were kings, the large center console boats of that era—with lengths measuring in the mid-30-foot  range—had room for two, maybe even three high-output engines on the transom. Owners
who prized speed over economy were more than happy with the results, even then suspecting that the engine companies were on the cusp of introducing larger, and more fuel-efficient, four-strokes for the transoms of their next boats. The Yamaha’s 425-hp XTO would have been a figment of their imagination.

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