Yamaha announced today a new modernized look for the Inline V MAX SHO® models in the 90 through 175 horsepower categories. The new outboards now show more of the signature shiny black coloring and boast an updated cowling style along with new raised graphics, striping and Yamaha tuning fork emblems.

“Customers continue to appreciate Yamaha’s Inline SHO outboards for their lightweight power, ease of rigging and suitability to cable-driven foot pedal acceleration,” said David Meeler, Technical Marketing Manager, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit. “Bass, bay, and flat boaters alike reap the benefits of the V MAX SHO’s incredible hole shot and outstanding fuel economy with ride and performance tailoring available to suit a wide variety of boating and fishing styles. The new, crisp style makes these outboards even more attractive.”

The VF175 and VF150 outboards are matched with V MAX SHO® propellers, specifically made to transfer engine torque for powerful acceleration and top speed. VF115 and VF90 models featuring props with Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System (SDS®) experience significantly reduced noise and shock commonly associated with shifting gears, promoting stealthy fishing. In addition, V MAX SHO 90 through 175 horsepower outboards can use Variable Trolling RPM to allow the operator to adjust the engine’s trolling speed for a more concealed fishing experience.

Yamaha’s new VF150 and VF175 model Inline SHO outboards now have an added tilt stop lever, perfectly suited for maintenance or extended storage situations. Combine this new feature with the advantages offered through compatibility with

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