As the world’s first 25 HP outboard motor designed with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection, the DF25A EFI knows a little something about exceeding expectations. An ultra-light, smooth running “Next Generation” portable four stroke outboard, it delivers quick starts, great acceleration, unparalleled performance and superior fuel economy.

True to our reputation for building lightweight marine outboard motors, the DF25A EFI is not only packed with some of our finest technology, but also the lightest outboard available in the 18.4kW (25PS) four-stroke outboard class.

Suzuki engineers have packed the new in-line three-cylinder DF25A/30A with some of Suzuki’s fin- est technologies giving them class-leading advantages that put them ahead of the rest. Engineering lightweight outboards has long been a Suzuki hallmark. In keeping with that, the DF25A/30A are the lightest outboards in the 18.4kW (25PS)/22.1kW (30PS) class. Both are first in class to feature friction reducing roller rocker arms and each utilizes offset crankshafts resulting in smoother op-

eration and greater mechanical efficiency. Fuel is supplied with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Con- trol system and a Battery-Less Fuel Injection system that gives these outboards remark- able improvements fuel efficiency while maintaining excellent power and performance. An LED monitoring system provides engine operating status at a glance.


– Lightest outboards in the 18.4kW (25PS)/22.1kW (30PS) four-stroke outboard class*.
– Lean Burn Control and Battery-Less Fuel Injection deliver class-leading fuel-efficiency.
– First in class with Roller Rocker Arms that provide smoother action and reduce friction.
– Offset Crankshaft offers smoother piston movement for greater operating efficiency.
– Direct Air Intake and Ventilation supplies engine with a cooler airflow for greater efficiency. n Engine Monitoring LED Indicators keep you informed of operating conditions.

Engine Monitoring LED


The LED monitoring system
utilizes three LEDs to keep
you informed of current op-
erating conditions. Located in
an easily visible position, the
LEDs provide easy to understand monitoring at a glance so you can enjoy a pleasurable boating experience.

New Generation Fuel Injection System (Battery-

Less Fuel Injection)

A remarkably compact and lightweight fuel injection system is designed to fit into these outboards without adding un- needed bulk or weight. What’s more, it operates without a battery and still delivers quicker starts, smoother operation, and more acceleration in all conditions.

Easy Start Recoil

Fuel injection delivers easier starts, but Suzuki goes a step further incorporating a
very light recoil starter into
these outboards. Requiring

less pull strength, the Easy Start Recoil Starter makes starting the outboard quick and easy.

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